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The Team


Founder / CEO

  • Life Science graduate.
  • Post graduate in Business Management
  • 28+ retail marketing & operations experience

“ Let’s rebuild a constructive relationship with nature, let our advance technologies be in harmony with nature. We foolishly pride ourselves being superior to animals, but it’s we who defile mother nature wherever we appear and leave behind a trail of environmental destruction.”

PK Faisal


Design Consultant

  • Graduate in visual art.
  • 25 + years of visual & product design experience 

“ Let’s rejuvenate our bonding with nature by incorporating Biophilic Designs. Biophilia means love for nature. Products designed through Biophilic design principles embrace nature and natural processes, while conventional product design focuses mostly on cost and functions, without considering the environmental impact of the design. ” 

Chandrakanth Gaikwad


Research Biologist

  • PhD in mosquito genetics.
  • 28+ years of research & teaching experience.

" Let’s revive and restore our environment by embracing green technologies, be it molecular biotechnology, nanotechnology or synthetic biology. Any green technology that can help man and nature to reconnect“ 

Dr. Shashikanth A