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Kills Only Mosquitoes, Not Your Health

Bio Traptor is a breakthrough mosquito killing device, that uses 100% Safe & Eco-friendly biological control method to kill mosquitoes.

Commonly used home mosquito repellents like Vaporisers, Coils or Sprays use neuro-toxic insecticides to control or kill mosquitoes.

Just like smoking, regular usage of mosquito repellents at your home can cause adverse health problem for your family. In fact, as per a report by WHO* (World Health Organisation) long term exposure to mosquito repellents like synthetic pyrethroids can cause asthma, auto-immune disorders and even cancer. Bio Traptor kills mosquitoes naturally, not chemically.

Bio-Smart Technology

Bio-Mimics Human Odor

Eco-Friendly Features


Testimonial Image


Testimonial Image

"Amazing product, works like a wonder. It has completely eradicated mosquitoes at home, we can now sleep at peace now"

Testimonial Image


Testimonial Image

"Really loved it, it’s a classy product and beautiful design. Works better than expected. No breathing in the toxic fumes of repellents."

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Testimonial Image

" Will recommend this, works wonderfully well. Adds to the décor of the home unlike standard mosquito repellent machines. Complete freedom from mosquitoes"

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