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Bio Traptor is a breakthrough mosquito killing device, that uses 100% Safe & Eco-friendly biological control method to kill mosquitoes.

Commonly used home mosquito repellents like Vaporisers, Coils or Sprays use neuro-toxic insecticides to control or kill mosquitoes.

Just like smoking, regular usage of mosquito repellents at your home can cause adverse health problem for your family. In fact, as per a report by WHO* (World Health Organisation) long term exposure to mosquito repellents like synthetic pyrethroids can cause asthma, auto-immune disorders and even cancer. Bio Traptor kills mosquitoes naturally, not chemically.


Eclectic Design

Bio Traptor has eclectic deign which is actually inspired from dinosaur egg shape. It is designed in such a way that at homes it will be complimenting your
home decor. Bio Traptor's Cool Blumoon feature not only acts as an additional mosquito attractant,
it also works as a Cozy Night Light for your rooms.

Bio-Smart Technology

Bio-Mimics Human Odor



Testimonial Image


Testimonial Image

"Amazing product, works like a wonder. It has completely eradicated mosquitoes at home, we can now sleep at peace now"

Testimonial Image


Testimonial Image

"Really loved it, it’s a classy product and beautiful design. Works better than expected. No breathing in the toxic fumes of repellents anymore."

Testimonial Image


Testimonial Image

" Will recommend this, works wonderfully well. Adds to the décor of the home unlike standard mosquito repellent machines. Complete freedom from mosquitoes"