Product Launch: Bio Traptor – BioTraptor

Product Launch: Bio Traptor

The Department of E, IT & BT celebrated the launch of NEOFYSIS BIOTECH Pvt Ltd's Bio Traptor at the Bengaluru Tech Summit, officiated by Hon. Ministers Priyank M Kharge and Dr. M C Sudhakar with Principal Secretary Dr. Ekroop Caur. This patented device ushers in a new era of mosquito control, aligning cutting-edge innovation with our commitment to eco-friendly solutions.

Bio Traptor's advanced "Attract & Kill" mechanism and its Catch Boosters, formulated from natural sources, set a benchmark for non-toxic, health-conscious mosquito repellents. Neofysis Biotech’s forward-thinking approach paves the way for sustainable practices that enhance public health while protecting our planet.

We applaud Neofysis Biotech for their pioneering efforts in developing Bio Traptor, a commitment to sustainable innovation in public health.

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P.K Faisal

Priyank M Kharge Dr. Ekroop Caur Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Prashanth Prakash Kris Gopalakrishnan Parnika Pavanram